Green Festivals Bring Eco-Friendly Products to You!

Erin Bosch talks about how she created Mozi-Q and how the Green Festival has helped her introduce this product to a larger, green market.

Go Green at the Washington, DC Green Festival!

Danielle Tergis shares what attendees can look forward to at this year’s D.C. Green Festival, Sept 21st & 22nd, 2013!

NFL Champion Stops the Silence!

Mark Moseley talks about how he became involved with the organization Stop the Silence and his role as their Spokesperson.

Uniting Women for Suffrage Centennial Celebration!

Karen Teegarden and Renee Davis talk about how is involved with the upcoming Suffrage Centennial Celebration.

Green Festival Comes to Washington D.C.!

Alix Davidson talks more about what attendees can look forward to at the upcoming Washington, D.C. Green Festival!

Northwood University and IEEW Support Women!

Dr. Kevin Fegan talks about Northwood and IEEW’s partnership, how their partnership supports the women in Rwanda and Afghanistan, and the specific benefits that these women receive from the Summit.

WIPP Advocates for Women Owned & Small Businesses

Cecelia McCloy talks about why small businesses should care about effecting public policy.

IEEW Envisions Success at International Women’s Economic Summit

Terry Neese talks about IEEW’s International Women’s Economic Summit, which will be held on July 23rd and 24th and will be hosted by the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C.

Become an Effective Advocate with WIPP!

Ann Sullivan talks about what she will be covering in her advocacy training for the women attending the WIPP Leadership Conference, as well as why women-owned businesses should attend this event.

WIPP Talks Business in DC

Barbara Kasoff discusses WIPP’s upcoming Annual Leadership Conference and why it’s important for women-owned businesses to attend.