How to Start and Succeed a Business Online

Biba Pedron interviews Charlie Poznek founder of, The Boomer Business Owner, on How to Start and Succeed a Business Online

How to Promote Your Book

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The Power of Mastermind

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Kick Start For Weight Loss

Kick Start For Weight Loss: 3 Massive Mistakes Professional Women Make That Keep Them Overweight, Exhausted and Stuck on the Diet Treadmill

Quirky Marketing Calendar The Ultimate Resource

For the past 9 years Heidi Richards Mooney has written and published Quirky Marketing Calendar: 400+ Ways to Promote Your Business

How to Attract More Clients With Linkedin

how to attract more clients with LinkedIn

The 4 Things You Must Know Before You Call Another Prospect

Since we are at the end of the year and time to work on our goals – How can small business owners increase sales in 2015?

5 Strategies for Rocking Your Brand

Biba Pedron and Nathalie Gregg describe the 5 Strategies for Rocking Your Brand.

How To Reactivate Your Network During The Holidays?

Need help to reconnect with your contacts and/or set-up your own follow-up system, contact Biba Pedron

Managing Grief Throughout The Holidays

At Rediscover The Joy my goal is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be