Healing With Past Life Therapy

Lorraine is a Transformational therapist, trainer and is the pioneer of Inner Freedom Therapy.

Finding Happiness

This film, “Finding Happiness” shows us the path towards developing our physical and spiritual gifts.

Sedena Cappannelli

Founder of AgeNation will be sponsoring “Navigating Your Future” …

Erica Tucci author of Radiant Survivor

How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer Abuse Addiction and other Life-Altering Experience.

Stephen Lewis, author of Sanctuary

Working with the medical field for combined alternative energy and western medical treatments.

Held By The Hand of God-Why Am I Alive

Joe Laws shares his remarkable story of communication with Spirit or God and why he feels he was not allow to die.

Alex Woodard, songwriter/author of For The Sender

Reflecting an understanding of what love really is and how we may continue to love

Exploring Passageways to the Soul

Learn how to explore the passageways into your soul through dreamwork, ritual and the creative process.