Dianne Bischoff James author of The Real Brass Ring

Dianne received an international 2014 “Bronze Living Now Book Award” and is an inspiration …

Guest Dr. Amelia Kemp

Author of From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy, an alternative healing guide …

Guest Dr. Carl Greer

Author of Change Your Story Change Your Life …

Guest Tenzin Kharma Trinley

Ten will discuss the hitchhiking adventures that he experienced while covering America’s highways.

Echoes In The Universe

Leonard will share certain spiritual experience including that of transmitting energy to the earth …

Best Version of Yourself at Every Age

Guy is considered to be one of the world’s visionaries in the field of human lifespan.

The Last Savannah

Mike Bond, his book The Last Savannah based on his real-life experiences fighting elephant poachers ….

Lorene Benoit, author of The Paw Paw Program

A Christopher Columbus Approach to Cancer …

The Magnificent Truth of Our Existence

Daniel Parmeggianni talks about guaranteed permanent happiness…

A Million Steps

Kurt Koontz, will be talking about his newest book A Million Steps.