Joyce Stewart Talks About Energy Healing

Joyce talks today about the power of human consciousness and the extraordinary effectiveness of energy healing

Craig Hogan Talks About the Nature of Time

We celebrate five years of Seek Reality with our favorite guest, Dr. R. Craig Hogan, back with us for the 21st time.

N. Riley Heagerty Talks About Direct Voice

The Mediumship of Elizabeth Blake

Vincent James Talks About the Spiritual Power of Music

Vincent James and his wife, Joann Pierdomenico, have made spreading the love of music their whole lives’ work!

Keeping Alive Our Relationships With Dead Loved Ones

Paula Lenz talks about the unexpected death of her younger brother 35 years ago…

Sandra Champlain Talks About Her Adventures in Mediumship

Sandra Champlain is the author of a bestselling book, We Don’t Die

Dr. R. Craig Hogan Talks About the Physics of the Greater Reality

Dr. Hogan explains in simple terms how reality is built, and why it is that you and I truly have nothing to fear…

Awakened Soul Series

Cyrus Kirkpatrick and KAren Swain Talk About Her Awakened Soul Series…

John Holland Talks About Bridging Two Realms

John Holland is one of American’s leading public mediums…

Rob Blackburn Talks About Developing as a Physical Medium

Rob talks about the process, and he gives us exciting details about physical mediumship from the viewpoint of the medium