An Interview with Susanne Wilson

She is only the second medium Roberta ever has consulted who has been successful in reaching her family.

Teaching Through the Veil with Carol Morgan

Listen to Carol Morgan as she talks about her son’s death and how he came back to her …..

Transpersonal Experiences with Madalaine Lawrence

The truth is accessible to us now, and it is beyond-belief wonderful!

White Crows with Dr. Gary Schwartz

Dr. Gary Schwartz is the leading traditional research scientist now doing afterlife-related research.

Deathbed Experiences with Ineke Koedam

Her new book, In the Light of Death, is a beautiful summary of what we now know …

Pre-Birth Planning with Robert Schwartz

The reason why bad things happen to good people …

Energy Healer Carla Savetsky

A prominent energy healer focusing primarily on women’s issues …

Interview with Wendy and Victor Zammit

Wendy and Victor Zammit are the worlds leading experts on evidence for the afterlife.

Induced Afterlife Communications with Dr. Allan Botkin

Dr. Allan Botkin discovered an way to easily induce afterlife communications

Afterlife Awareness Conference with Terrie Daniel

Terri Daniel talks about the Fifth Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference …