The Authors Show presents: Exceptional Worth – by Kathy E. Dockett

This book tells how God views us. We are not a mistake. He made us for a higher purpose. Believing this takes a lot of seeking Him…

The Authors Show presents: “SHOT DOWN”

For the first time, the full and complete story of the B-17 Flying Fortress Susan Ruth is shared in unbelievable detail…

The Authors Show presents: “Everybody Cheats”

Our fascination with finding the perfect someone has caused us to settle on a partner that is good enough. ..

The Authors Show presents: “Miracles of Direction …”

A story of biblical miracles…

Gen Y Entrepreneurs Writing Their Way to Distinction

Insider tips for succeeding as self-published author

Social Proof, Online Book Club, & Harvard Author Outsmarting Anger

Kristen Weber, co-founder of Shelf Pleasure talks leveraging reader sites & Harvard Author Dr. Joseph Shrand discusses Outsmarting Anger

Nautilus Book Awards & Kathy Eldon

Marilyn Maguire, Founder/Director of the Nautilus Book Awards, and Kathy Eldon, co-founder of the Creative Visions Foundation and the author of 17 books including “Safari As A Way of Life”