Female Empowerment within Music and Entertainment

Johnnie Walker talks about how she started her career in the music, radio and record industry.

The Power of Mentorship

Today, CEO Susan Michel is joined by her daughter, Carol Ann, to discuss the power of mentors as anchors of trust and igniters of change.

5 Strategies for Rocking Your Brand

Biba Pedron and Nathalie Gregg describe the 5 Strategies for Rocking Your Brand.

Terra Gifts Rejuvenation Cream Steve Shaft

Susun Weed Interviews Her Brother Steve Shaft

How to be a Savvy Intrapreneur

What does it take to be a savvy intrapreneur?

Connection is Key

Biba Pedron, offers weekly interviews with business experts to help women entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses.

Helpguide Co-founder and Emotional Intelligence Expert Jeanne Segal

Susun Weed Interviews Helpguide Co-founder Jeanne Segal

Expand joy with Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver 

Susun Weed Interviews Tantra Yogis Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver 

Shamanic Journeys Nicki Scully

Susun Weed Interviews Alchemical Healer Nicki Scully

Herbal Medicine with Dorene Petersen

Susun Weed Interviews Founder of American College of Healthcare Sciences Dorene Petersen