Love Your Body Love Your Life Singer Songwriter Show Tristin Shiells

Welcome to Love Your Body Love Your Life Radio Show, where we feature real women of the arts: musicians, writers, actors, artists and more.

You can’t grow your business without growing yourself too

What’s been your biggest challenge in building your business and how do you move through those challenges?

Embracing Tech Without Smothering Yourself: Keeping Balanced

Hacking and phishing and bugs – oh, my! Add endless IMs, emails and texts, and you’ve got potential for endless stress.

Interview with Yogi and Medium Alaine Portner

Discovering your own physical and spiritual energy through yoga, meditation, insight and exercise.

Meditation for Personal Growth and Healing

Meditation is a process that holds powerful personal benefits for your body, mind, and spirit.

The Physiological Effects of Prayer, Meditation, & Ritual

How your body reacts to prayer and meditation, how prayer affects healing and can be beneficial in pain management

Spiritual Health Teacher Dr. Susan Shumsky

Susun Weed Interviews Author and Spiritual Health Teacher Susan Shumsky

Yoga Set Me Free: from Internment Camp to Inner Journey

Fun and Fit Interview Yoga Legacy, Prison Camp Survivor, and Author, Phyllis Pilgrim

A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Depression

James Gordon, MD shares techniques from his groundbreaking book, “Unstuck,” including a powerful meditation method.

Meditation for Stress Relief

Thom Knoles talks about the potential of the brain and its impact on the health of the body and how doing daily meditation reduces stress.