Women Make New Media Exciting!

Susan Johnston talks about the advance planning for the upcoming 5th Annual New Media Film Festival.

Women Across the Country

50 + or so and these are your years to shine!

Out of the Shadows

Pat Fero helps unveil truths…

Ascending Hearts Retreat

As you move with the change … community is vital.

Crowdfunding Power

… is a new economy emerging.

Karen Tate; Goddess, Divine Feminine, Feminist…

… what does it mean for our country?

Marianne Williamson, SisterGiant

… and political conversations that are needed!

Cris Williamson, singer, songwriter, change agent

Appropriately it began with The Changer and the Change

Battered Women Syndrome

.. justice systems reflect the male domination.

Green Marketing, Publishing & Big Vegan Cookbook

She Horowitz, a green/ethical marketing consultant & copywriter of GreenAndProfitable.com, talks green book marketing & publishing and Robin Asbell, a chef, food writer, and cooking teacher specializing in natural foods, talks about her “Big Vegan” cookbook.