Funeral Director on Purpose

Cam Skipper is a personable, longtime Funeral Director in Guelph, Ontario, Canada where he grew up as the son of a Funeral Director!

Bobbi Rowntree, Born Medium

Bobbi Rowntree has been able to hear from and speak to the dead her entire life.

Joanne Savoie-Malone Helps to Cultivate Healthy Minds

Joanne Savoie-Malone finds joy in helping people to cultivate purposeful lives and healthy minds.

Michael Hughes, North America’s Networking Guru

Michael Hughes, networking guru, encourages people to continue building relationships online. Social networks are social networks!

Alan Hobson, Founder: The Climb Back from Cancer Survivorship Program

Alan Hobson, Mt. Everest climber, summiteer, two-time cancer survivor, with the world’s first program for those newly diagnosed with cancer.

Philip Shepherd: COVID is Us

In this reading by the author, Philip Shepherd describes our dawning awareness in coming face-to-face with what we have created.

Zander Phelps and the Play Flow State

Zander Phelps, the Fool of Play, encourages himself and others ~ by playful demonstration ~ to stretch, juggle, grow, and expand!

The Art of Clear Thinking

Marietta McCarty encourages asking questions to invite someone into meaningful conversation.

“What’s Your Story?”

Junie Swadron, author, speaker, writing coach, and psychotherapist, sees the therapeutic process and the creative process as one.

Coming Home on Purpose

Stewart Blackburn on being at home with your inner self and the pandemic pause as an invitation to change how we are creating our lives.