The Authors Show presents: The Sure Mercies

The hardest person to forgive is yourself. Benjamin Orry, a wounded Iraq War veteran, sets out to visit the hometown of fallen….

The Authors Show presents: “I’ll Always Be with You”

Teddy finds inspiration in an old book his great-grandfather carried with him to America, a book Bulgarian fathers have always read to ….

The Authors Show presents: “Awareness Journey”, by Daniel Slot

An allegorical ship takes you to different ports within your own heart, soul, and mind where, along with…

The Authors Show presents: “Beacon”, by November Ellison

Pastor Joanna Benally leads a double life. On the outside, she’s dedicated to the work of turning around troubled churches. But inside…

The Authors Show presents: The Moreva of Astoreth

The Moreva of Astoreth is a blend of science fiction, romance, and adventure in a unique, richly imagined imperialistic society…

The Authors Show presents: “Heaven Cries” by author Stephan A. Silva

When Artemio Battaglia joins the Regia Aeronautica to become a fighter pilot…

The Authors Show presents: “Milijun” – author Clayton Graham

It is Australia in 2179. On a moonlit Nullarbor night, Laura Sinclair and son, Jason, witness aliens descend to Earth…

The Authors Show presents: author Stephanie Austin Edwards

Set in the turbulent, colorful 1970’s, What We Set In Motion finds the daughter of a prominent old South Carolina Low country family ….

The Authors Show Presents: Piano Meadows, by author R.G. Bud Phelps

A Historical Fiction story about a specific area in Conifer Colorado, and a beautiful meadow called Piano Meadows..

The Authors Show presents: “Death by Chocolate”

Lindsay loves chocolate. It tastes good, it makes her feel good, it never cheats on her like her almost-ex-husband. It’s her best friend.