Interior Design Therapy Can Change Your Life

International expert in the field of Chinese Metaphysics/Neuro–Architecture, Dr. Janet Woods helps you enhance your space & expand your life

Helice Bridges created a movement reaching over 30 millon people

Reaching over 30 million people, Helice “Sparky” Bridges received many international recognitions including TFK Gandhi Nonviolence Award

Comptable et consultant partage ses émotions avant son succès

Bruner Nozière a reçu le prix coup de cœur du Ministre de l’emploi et de la Solidarité en 2008 et partage ses émotions avant son succès.

From Athlete Major Breakdowns To Fitness Expert

Former elite athlete who had 2 major physical breakdowns and suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, became a fitness expert and won the prestigious Australian Health and Fitness Industry Awards.

Achieve Your Unique Brand of Success

Impacting over 100,000 women worldwide and 25,000 coaches, Marsh Engle is a transformational leader and award winning entrepreneur who redefines success to include the spiritual connection.