Fitness Independence: Freedom from Exercises You Hate

Fun and Fit interview personal trainer and positive project fit pro, Matt Schifferle.

Exercise While Watching TV!

Yes, you can sit on your couch, watch TV and get exercise!

Tweet Your Way to Weight Loss

Fun and Fit Interview Rebecca Regnier, a tv reporter (Full Plate show) and online columnist (Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat) and author of Your Twitter DIet.

Intimidated to Enter a Fitness Facility?

Fun and Fit Interview Nicki Anderson, Award-winning Weight Loss Professional and Fitness Customer Service Expert to discuss Gym-tim-idation.

Achieve Frugal Fitness: Cheapskate Approach

Fun and Fit interview Mr Frugal Fitness, Mike Schiemer, self-proclaimed “trainer for cheapskates”

Working Out Sucks

Interview with Anytime Fitness CEO and “Working Out Sucks” author, Chuck Runyon