It’s the Journey, Not the Destination with Sylvia Alcala

Sylvia Alcala discusses the importance of enjoying life’s journey on today’s episode!

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Lisa-Marie Lightfoot shares why volunteering can be important in K through 12th grade.

Helping Families and Children at Nevada PEP

Tiffany Montgomery talks more about Nevada PEP and how it helps families and children.

Wyland Foundation Spotlights the Importance of Water

Jan Dell talks about the educational opportunities the Wyland Foundation offers to the public.

Volunteers Help Enrich our Education System

Lisa-Marie Lightfoot discusses the powerful role that volunteers can play in education.

Is the ESEA Going to Work?

Dr. Sandra Stotsky talks more about the Elementary Secondary Education Act (the ESEA).

Discover What’s Amazing at the Nevada Women’s Expo!

Mat Sinclair talks about how the Nevada Discovery Museum will be working with the Nevada Women’s Expo.

Common Core is Not What Education Needs

Dr. Sandra Stotsky discusses why she did not approve the Common Core standards in English language arts.

U.S. Education Needs Higher Standards

Dr. R. James Milgram explains the Common Core Mathematics Standards and its issues.

Playful Engineer Dr. Ann Marie-Thomas

Susun Weed Interviews Engineering Maker Ann Marie Thomas