The Magnificent Truth of Our Existence

Daniel Parmeggianni talks about guaranteed permanent happiness…

Evolution: How the Planet is Evolving

Earth sciences show us how the planet is evolving …

Kent Smith grief/bereavement coach

Understanding of death as a part of life, and how life and the afterlife meet….

Guest Cedric Moore

Cedric Moore, camera man for the Core Concepts Shows…

From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®

Dr. Amelia Kemp discusses the 8 step to well being in The Sacretherapy® Process

Learn of NEW technology to raise your frequency

Can my energetic frequency be raised just by rubbing something into my skin?

Convergence between science and spirituality

Science is supporting spirituality and leading to a realization of our creator-ness …

The Searcher’s Road Map with Guest Adam Sommer

Adam Sommer will be talking to us about his mission as an astrologer.

Joy IS the Holy Spirit!

Joy is one of the highest vibrations that we can manifest.

The Compelling Case for a Plant-Based Diet

Dr. John A. McDougall philosophy is that degenerative disease can be prevented and treated …