Outside of the Box: New Horizon-Pluto

The New Horizon space craft will flyby Pluto today taking photos. Pluto is the planet of rebirth and self-empowerment.

Full-Spectrum Wellness

A Conversation with John W. Travis, MD, MPH

Outside of the Box-Guest: Jill Diaz – Professional Horse Trainer

Jill Diaz of Estancia La Victoria Farms talks about intuition and training horses.

Love or Fear Choices

Have you ever felt really in Love with someone but totally afraid to move forward?

Is Life Fair?

Dr. Bernie & Lionel discuss how Life can be difficult and how fairness fits in.

Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #143

We begin with a languid, shifting prayer called “Oh, Night” and follow with a dedication to our friend Ana Wolf …

A Day Hike and Traveling with Pets

Dr. Randy and Pauly B. cover a wide range of trending topics regarding our furry friends.

The Gaea Star Crystal Hour #140

Mariam chooses an unusual pivoting key structure for her melody as she and Tom Fair lay a carpet of acoustic 12-strings .

Keep It Flowing: The Blessing of Giving and Receiving

With Beckey Phipps, Quaker spiritual teacher

The Music of the Spheres: The Creative Power of Sound

Join us and our guest, Judith Smith, as we explore the effects of music on our physical, mental and spiritual health.