Love Your Body Love Your Life Singer Songwriter Show Tristin Shiells

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Discernment: Wisdom or Wishful Thinking?

We need an inner compass as we navigate through our lives …

Purpose and Passion: The Fire in our Lives

What is my life purpose? Am I doing what should I be doing? Is my life purpose different from my career?

The Turning of the Year: Reflections and Blessings

As this year turns, we’ll contemplate the past, present, and future …

Spiritual Awakening: Where Are You on the Path Towards Inner Peace?

Cultivating a sense of inner peace – a challenging quality to sustain given the intensity of our lives

The Bully or the Buddha: What Is the Essence of Power?

How do we resolve the inner conflict that keeps us from our true power?

Keep It Flowing: The Blessing of Giving and Receiving

With Beckey Phipps, Quaker spiritual teacher