Welcome to WomensRadio and the opportunity to explore a Media Partnership!  By a “partnership” we mean that we agree to apply our mutual efforts for a specific outcome that benefits both parties and for which each provides an exchange of value to the other.  We make such partnerships with both “for-profit” as well as “not-for-profit” organizations/companies through various packages.

Currently, we offer these packages for three different levels of events:

  1. Those that have up to 500 expected attendance,
  2. Those with an expected attendance of 500-3000, and…
  3. Those with an expected attendance above 3000.

For each package, we provide the value that we place on the services we will provide and ask that the organization/company provide similar value in return.

If you would like to apply for our Media Partnership and view our package offerings, please email our Support Team by clicking HERE.

Below is a list of our current Media Partners—we are looking forward to being of service!

NewLife ExpoISTAWBENCEarth-Day-New-YorkNewLivingExpoEarthdaySFBlogWorldExhibitor Media Group   Edison Awards   Equal Rights Association   Green Festival IEEW International Museum of Women IndieGrrl  SF Women's Film Festival LOHAS  Love Your Life Nevada Women's Expo National Women's Political Caucus of California OMEGA PBWC PubCon RAB RadioShow SmartWomen TLC USHCC BraveHeart CBEA NFWL CARE WBDC  WILS WIPP WITI Women's Journey Conference Women's Festivals Perfect Business Summit