Douglas Grunther – Dream Work: Discovering the Healing Power of Your Dreams

A certified dream work facilitator, Doug Grunther has been Woodstock, NY’s most noted radio talk show host for over twenty-five years.

Jill Diana Chasse – Prebirth Bonding & Birthing Expert, “Baby Magic for a Magic Baby” – experience, understand, and enjoy the magic of motherhood

Prepare your body, mind, and spirit to ensure the optimal physical, emotional, & psychological development of your child in pregnancy, birth, & life.

Marie Summerwood – Sacred Chants – Empowering Women to Reclaim Their Inherent Powers

Songstress of sacred music, a composer and a green witch. She is voice for the sacredness of the earth, of birth and death.

Thunderbeat – Ancient Healing Knowledge – Heal and Awaken with the Power of Sound

ThunderBeat, a gifted shaman blending tonal with tribal elements into multi-dimensional soundscapes – harmonies & rhythms soothe Spirit & awaken Soul.

Jan Calloway-Baxter – Creating Altars, Goddess Dolls, Moon Writing

Create altars to manifest with intent. Make your own Goddess doll as a powerful and transforming act. Become aware of the moon’s subtle energies.

JoAnne Dodgson – Manifesting with the Moon

Shamanic healer, medicine storyteller, weaver of webs of balance in ancient Peruvian medicine ways,. author of Unleashing Love and Moon Dance Journal

Catherine Bastedo – Vision Reiki and Chakra Healing Expert

Mentor at Wise Woman University, Author of “Bird Vibes,” Energy Healer, shares the importance of keeping chakras in balance & spiritually aligned.

Sally Fallon – “Nourishing Traditions” cholesterol myth buster

President of Weston A. Price Foundation, Author of “Nourishing Traditions” Cookbook, diet and health expert exposes dietary fat myths and fallacies.

Kris Steinnes – Women of Wisdom foundation

Author of #1 Amazon best selling, award winning book, “Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women”.

Zsuzsanna “Z” Budapest – Grandmother of Goddess Renaissance

Author of “The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries” a guide to actualizing a goddess-centered lifestyle.