About Kim Whiting

Kim Whiting, MA, MBA, was formerly a psychotherapist specializing in youth and survivors of abuse. She has published an award-winning print and online magazine for and by teenage girls and coauthored the memoir Life Sentence, Life Purpose (4.5 star rating on Amazon) with a life sentence inmate. She now works with former criminals/gang leaders to create media that inspires ideas for social reform and prison reform and supports at-risk and incarcerated populations in making the transition to a legit life; healing, self-forgiveness, forgiveness, self-value and the belief that they are capable and worthy of having a happy, fulfilling, positively contributing life. www.streetlifetostraightlife.com

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A Good Prison Boss

A management style that makes even former drug dealers want to work for 45 cents an hour? This prison workplace supervisor has it.

Criminalizing Addiction and Mental Illness: A Case Study

Should addiction and mental illness be treated by social services instead of incarceration? Mickey’s story helps answer this question.

Beautiful Souls in Bleak Cages

Mickey’s story illuminates the criminalization of mental illness and addiction and inspires ideas for social and prison reform

The Making and Unmaking of a Gang Leader (The short version)

Former gang leader’s life story illuminates the factors that propell kids into criminal life and those that facilitate a turnaround

The Making of a Gang Leader

Part one of a two-part series. Interview with former gang leader about the elements that turned him from gifted child to violent criminal.

The Unmaking of a Gang Leader

Part 2 in two-part series. Former gang leader discusses his difficult, grief-filled transition from street life to straight life