Spiritual Ideas about our Journey to the Afterlife


What happens after we have completed our life cycle here on the Earth plane? Is there an Afterlife and, if so, is it a state of being or existence that we go to or experience when we pass on?  Is there a life review?  Do we return again? These are the exciting questions that Cynthia will discuss in her sharing of what occurs when we transition after our death. Her concepts are based on her Eastern teaching and work in Japan and her metaphysical training as well as her experience in being present with those who have passed on. Over the past 21 years, she has discovered amazing similarities within her own experiences and those of leading authors who have written about this topic.  Please join her for this exciting show!

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Experience healing and transformation with Dr. Cynthia L. Bischoff, international speaker, life coach, and energy medicine practitioner of Heart Living. Through coaching tips, healing exercises, inspirational stories, interviews, and exciting research, you will discover life wisdom and gain greater spiritual awareness. Highly intuitive and motivational, Cynthia draws on her vast knowledge and experience in Reiki, Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Coaching, and Holistic Healing to help you reframe your story and direct your life toward greater balance and meaning!

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