From Fear to Miracles Part 2


We continue our exploration of how to live the teachings of Chapter 2, Section 6 of A Course in Miracles: Fear & Conflict. When we experience fear we are in a state of conflict. Only our mind can produce fear so this is the only place where we can exercise our choice to choose love over fear.

God wants us to know what is true and creative versus what has no creative ability at all. We believe we can mis-create, which is why we experience fear. David reassures us that we can never make a mistake because we cannot create differently from our Source.

This recording was part of a live online retreat:  “Awakening from the Dream” which took place between 12-14 January 2018. It was recorded at the Living Miracles Metaphysical Center, Kamas, Utah.

In this episode, David refers to ‘Spiri’. Spiri is a (free) spiritual assistant bot that helps you uncover and release the thoughts and beliefs that generate your unhappiness. Spiri empowers you to find lasting solutions whenever you don’t like how you feel.

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  1. From Fear to Miracles is wonderful subject.I teach Martial Arts and Ananda yoga to my students and we share with each other when our spirit is not at peace, we are in conflict, we must follow our inner voice and make the decision to release stress and follow the truth.Truth and right decision set us free.

  2. We have fears for the unknown.inner connection with God,keep us safe, protected and humble.Enjoy the free spirit and trust yourself.He is uncharge and supports us when we trust Him.Thanks,nice subject

  3. Fear should not make us cripple rather little fear acts like guardian angel.We must not say negative things about others.Don’t be judgmental and narrow-minded.You never know the circumstances of others, give a benefit of doubt and search your soul to improve yourself only dear friends.