The Pompette Podcast with Yolanda Shoshana: 4 Italian Picks



In this episode of the Pompette Podcast, Yolanda Shoshana, highlights four gems for your glass from Italy: Pomino Chardonnay 2016, Feudo Insolia Principi di Butera 2015,  Zonin NV Cuvée 1821 Brut, and Amaro Montenegro.

If you looking for two affordable white wines the Pomino Chardonnay 2016 and  Feudo Insolia Principi di Butera 2015 are a wonderful way to go. The  Zonin NV Cuvée 1821 Brut is the perfect selection for anytime. If you have never tried amaro, get in on it.  It’s such a wonderful spirit that is great for creating cocktails or to have by itself after dinner. There are many amari to try, but Amaro Montenegro is one of the best.

Italy is known for producing wonderful wine and fabulous spirits, tune in to get the scoop on these four selections. 



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About Yolanda Shoshana



The Pompette Podcast is an edutainment podcast about lifestyle, wine, and spirits hosted by Yolanda Shoshana. Pompette means “tipsy” in French. C’est si bon!


About the host:

Yolanda Shoshana  is a Witch, Wine Critic Belle of Brandy, Culinary Historian for  Wine & Spirits, Content Producer, & Alchemist. She is also the founder of  the Pompette newsletter, booze for busy people.