No More Worries


This morning I asked the angels what they wanted to talk about on the show tonight.  I shuffled my deck of angel oracle cards and two of them toppled out on to the floor.  This is how the angels get our attention and deliver messages – with some flair!  The cards were “There’s Nothing to Worry About” and “Acceptance.”

In both cases the message here are that we are safe and the situation is under the perfect control of Divine providence and universal order.  Resisting what is causes many of us to create unnecessary anxiety in our lives.  In light of the shift in our political landscape, many are feeling worry and anxiety and so the angels caution us to use our wisdom and remember that worry adds to the negative forces around any issue that causes you concern.  The best way to handle your concern is not to worry but to infuse the situation with loving thoughts and allow yourself to be a conduit for positive loving energy.

The Acceptance card speaks of seeing yourself and all others through the eyes of compassion with unconditional love and acceptance.  When we become tempted to judge others or to try and change them think positive thoughts about them and pray for health and happiness to be present within them.  I like to imagine a brilliant White Light energy flowing directly from my heart and third eye toward the other person thereby infusing them with an energetic reminder of our connectedness and oneness.  For if you are feeling animosity or anger toward another, you are truly directing this energy at yourself.  Whatever you put out bounces back to you.

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