Messages from Angelic and Ascended Masters with Jeanette Guziolek


Jeannette photoJeanette Guziolek was blessed to grow up in a home that was filled with love, hurt, pain, and anger – just what she need to advance her soul growth. In 1998, while undergoing surgery, Jeanette had a near death experience in which her Dad and other Masters appeared. They said they were there to assist her in remembering and re-awakening to what she had come to earth to do. Her Dad continued to share with her that her purpose was to teach love and that all the self-hate she was filled with was going to be released. The love she felt in that moment never left her and she did remember everything. She has been teaching love ever since.

Jeanette works with the Angelic and Ascended-master realms and other beings to help others awaken and remember the message of love. She is best known for her angel and medium readings and Angelic etheric cord releasing/cutting, chakra balancing, and emerald, violet and three-fold flame activations.

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