Love Your Body Love Your Life: Singer Songwriter Show; Jade Acoustics!




“Love Your Body, Love Your Life!”



Hi this is Jenna Lobos, Welcome to Love Your Body, Love Your Life, where we feature women of the arts, women who have found their voice, women who have found their power and have had the courage to stand out in to the world and say, “This is me, this is ALL of me, take me as I am…” I am honored to be featuring as my first series of the radio show, very talented Singer Songwriters where we talk health, beauty, rituals, spirituality and much more!

Soon, you can learn about my personal story on how I landed this gig as a radio show host and my personal journey in discovering my own voice with my new book; “LOVE YOUR BODY, LOVE YOUR LIFE”, To be Released, SPRING 2017!

I’d like to happily introduce my first guest; Jade Acoustics.  Let’s start from the beginning..


Jade Acoustics is a singer songwriter based out of Huntington Beach. Jade plays guitar, piano, lead vocalist and she dreams of a stand up bass and a jazz drummer. Her genre of music is influenced by r&b, jazz, blues and hip-hop.

Q: How did you discover your love for music?

I have my very first memory of receiving a Blackstreet CD from my Uncle, the group that sings No Diggity. I remember falling in love with that CD and singing all of the songs on it. That’s also when I started getting into my Dad’s  collection cds..I was into MC Hammer. I noticed he use to steal all of my uncles cds, so I ended up discovering really neat music at  a young age.

 Stay tuned for Jenna’s book, “Love Your Body, Love Your Life”

                                     COMING SPRING 2017

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