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Hi this is Jenna Lobos, Welcome to Love Your Body, Love Your Life, where we feature women of the arts, women who have found their voice, women who have found their power and have had the courage to stand out in to the world and say, “This is me, this is ALL of me, take me as I am…” I am honored to be featuring as my first series of the radio show, very talented Singer Songwriters where we talk health, beauty, rituals, spirituality and much more!

Soon, you can learn about my personal journey in discovering my own voice with my new book; “LOVE YOUR BODY, LOVE YOUR LIFE”, To be Released, SPRING 2017!

When Connie Rae and I met, we sat at her beautiful ocean view home, enjoying the sunlight peaking through the window and the fresh ocean breeze hitting our skin lightly. We sipped water and ice tea, but our main focus was enjoying conversation around her amazing insight and talent.  You will be touched and opened up from her wisdom and truth as she shares where her source of inspiration comes from to follow her life’s purpose, passion and life long dreams! FullSizeRender (26) (1)Connie Rae Knapp has been described as a voice that ranges from soothing and sultry to a powerhouse of emotion, Knapp came quietly onto the scene in November 2002 and has been recognized for her distinct sound, writing ability, vocal talent and effortless self promotion. Traditionally rhythm and blues, her style is universal enough to have earned her the right to perform with well known headliners ranging from jazz to rock, blues to country! Talking music, life, womanhood, wisdom and more… listen in to this intimate conversation with the amazing Connie Rae Knapp!

To hear Connie Rae’s amazing vocals and learn more about her story, feel free to visit her website at;

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