Guidance and Inspiration


Guidance and inspiration come from somewhere beyond our human ability to think. Guidance is a feeling, a knowing that awakens when we tap into the part of our being that is eternal and connected to everything.  Inspiration is the urging of that Divine Nature to create, to be made manifest, to be born into the physical realm.

This week on Talk-N-Angels we will be talking about how guidance and inspiration combine to make us better, more intuitive creators of our lives, our world, our families, our experiences here on earth.  Let us come together as one human family to learn more about our divine heritage that gifts us with these powers.  The power to utilize imagination and visualization is the cornerstone of creativity and being inspired by beauty, Love, art and compassion can build into lasting monuments to human evolutionary development.

Tonight we will talk about guidance and inspiration so that we can take time to tap into this resource, especially now with the New Moon on 12/29, to set intentions for the next month.  Join us! and Happy New Year!!

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