The Authors Show presents: “Living Fulfilled”

The Infectious Joy of Serving Others is Lisa Thomas-McMillan’s inspirational memoir about helping the plight of America’s hungry that is equal parts harrowing and uplifting. With a decidedly spiritual message, she tells of her life growing up impoverished in Alabama, settling down in Los Angeles, then traveling back to her hometown to help the plight of the poor. What makes the book work is that Thomas-McMillan is plainly a good writer. A book with this topic could read like a brochure, or feel like being lectured to. Such is not the case at all with Living Fulfilled. This is first and foremost a memoir, not a political screed, and her tales of her life are as moving and evocative as her mission in life.  What makes Lisa Thomas-McMillan such an effective narrator is that she literally walks the walk. The book is punctuated by two long walks – one in Alabama, and a 900-mile trek from Alabama to Washington DC to raise awareness. The book is at once a call to arms for volunteerism and a powerful spiritual message. Her main message is that people should help to take care of others.

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