Confessions of a Goal Digger


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Listen to the stories, inspiration and advice of some of the world’s most inspiring and enterprising women

Confessions of a Goal Digger is a podcast series presented by The Diva Movement that provides resources, information and inspiration for women leaders,professionals and entrepreneurs

Our series debuts with our guest Marcie Littlejohn. Marcie is a transitional facilitator and author of “Why Buy the Cow”


About thedivamovement

The Diva Movement is a business and personal growth community for women. A Supportive Sisterhood of women who are moving boldly in the direction of their dreams.

Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate women who are determined to live with intention, purpose and passion.

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  1. Great ideas fro Marcie Littlejohn!

    My favorites:
    – The daily list (I especially that it will rarely be completed, and this is fine)
    – Turn some tasks into “ME time”, by bringing a friend and making it fun.
    – Empower ALL of your employees and make sure they know that success for all cannot be accomplished without their individual contributions.
    – Success requires change. Never be stagnate.
    – Try not to let feelings affect your leadership.

    Thank you, Noni and Marcie!