The New Year, Signs From Spirit with Medium Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton


deborah-new-11Lynn met a woman who told her she is “A Bridge Between Worlds.” That was it! It was that simple phrase that connected for her the journey on which she’d been on and the road on which she was to continue to travel. Lynn likens this calling to being on the precipice of an abyss, hearing whispers and seeing images of those desperately looking for someone to hear them. She stands on that bridge, arms outstretched to embrace and give voice to those who need to speak and deliver to those here on earth in pain, messages of love and comfort. “I want to heal people by speaking for those who can no longer be heard by loved-ones left behind” is the mantra behind Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton’s work.

Utilizing her unique gift, she can convey messages of hope, love and compassion to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. These messages bring closure, peace and love to people all over the country. For many years, Lynn believed everyone had her gift and pushed it aside, unaware that she would someday fulfill her life’s journey by becoming the psychic medium she is today.

It wasn’t until her husband’s untimely death that she fully embraced her gifts and began to share them with those in need. Lynn comes from a humble family in Bayside, New York.   Lynn’s mother had the gift as do some of her siblings.  Lynn was one of four children, raised by a stay at home mom and a father who worked as a stagehand for Broadway and TV. She began to receive messages and feel that she was unique at the young age of ten. After high school, Lynn was also a stay at home mom and then went on to become a FlightService Manager at American Airlines. After retiring from the airlines she began to focus more on her gifts. She has four children and is a grandmother to six. Lynn would never have imagined the worlds that have opened to her over these past few years.

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