The Authors Show presents: “Keeper Chronicles: Awakening”

Demons are among us. And humanity’s hidden guardians are the Keepers.  Rebekah Lorek, the daughter of a lighthouse keeper and manager of a bed-and-breakfast, is only vaguely aware of her extraordinary powers. When the brutal murder of her father brings a previously hidden world to her doorstep, she finds herself surrounded by new realities, old loves, and unsolved mysteries. Her awakening talents will soon become a matter of life and death as demons continue their infiltration into the human realm in search of easy prey.  Will Rebekah become the next victim? Or will she finally move beyond her preconceptions and embrace her destiny?

About The Authors Show

The Authors Show is more than a “show” in the traditional sense of the word.  It is a professional audio & video marketing program offering authors from around the world multiple long lasting exposure opportunities for their work.