A Good Prison Boss

A max security prison workplace supervisor shares the simple management philosophy that creates a happy, productive, loyal workforce even with the most hardened criminals and that truly rehabilitates. Her management philosophy is a great one for any workplace.

About Kim Whiting

Kim Whiting, MA, MBA, was formerly a psychotherapist specializing in youth and survivors of abuse. She has published an award-winning print and online magazine for and by teenage girls and coauthored the memoir Life Sentence, Life Purpose (4.5 star rating on Amazon) with a life sentence inmate. She now works with former criminals/gang leaders to create media that inspires ideas for social reform and prison reform and supports at-risk and incarcerated populations in making the transition to a legit life; healing, self-forgiveness, forgiveness, self-value and the belief that they are capable and worthy of having a happy, fulfilling, positively contributing life. www.streetlifetostraightlife.com

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