Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #181

Mariam-MassaroGaea Star Crystal Radio Hour #181 was recorded live at Singing Bridge Studio in Worthington, MA and features the Gaea Star Band, Mariam Massaro on vocals, ukelele, acoustic guitar and native flute, Dameron Midgett on mandolin and kalimba, Craig Harris on congas and Robert Sherwood on piano.  We begin with Mariam’s “Faces In The Fire”, a tribute to the flames and to the full moon.  “Catch Me If You Can” is another new one from Mariam that shades from light to dark and features Dameron’s kalimba before he moves to mandolin for the second movement.  “Inspiration” features a lengthy instrumental that brings in jazz and Afro-Cuban flavors from Bob and Craig and reaches a driving climax that brings us to the break.  We return with the beautiful and sedate “Sailing On The Coast Of Maine” a travelogue from Mariam and Dameron’s recent sailing adventure with Mariam on acoustic guitar.  “2 Moons In August” is a delicate celebration of the blue moon from Mariam that has a mystical flavor and features sensitive mandolin work from Dameron and mesmerizing piano minimalism from Bob.  Part Two is an instrumental reiteration and has Craig moving to the marimba, Mariam to the celtic harp and Dameron to the Didjeridoo for a cyclical, hypnotic theme.  Mariam picks up her native flute to play us beautifully out amidst touches of electronics and sweeping washes of piano.

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