Natalie Ledwell & Cindy Ertman on Traffic Masters

natalie-cindy-show-bannerNatalie Ledwell is the bestselling author of ‘Never in Your Wildest Dreams’, an inspiring speaker and co­founder of Mind Movies. Natalie has reached over 2.1 million people around the globe.

Cindy Ertman has a passion for people and is the Founder of The Defining Difference, a success based coaching and training company, devoted to help people master the power of intentional choice to create their life by design.

Natalie & Cindy are two of the co-hosts of the new TV Show everyone is Talking about, Waking Up on Wake Up!

Hosted by the most beloved experts in Mind, Body, Spirit – Wake Up! is the show for the New Message to the New Mainstream. Providing insight into the answers people really want – through conversational interviews with the thought leaders.

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Recently, Co-Host Gina Gaudio-Graves joined the team for the show as their Strategic Partnership Advisor. As The JV Queen, it’s a role she’s played before. But this is the very first time she’s playing that role for a hit TV show!

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Traffic Masters airs weekly and in permanent replay.  Hear from experts who help you Engage, Attract, and Convert Prospects into Customers and Evangelists!

About Directions University

“Traffic Masters Show” is a weekly podcast hosted by Gina Gaudio-Graves and Jack Humphrey, the Deans of  DU helps entrepreneurs get direction for their life & business, shows them how to give direction to prospects & customers, and assists them in impacting the direction of the world.

You can listen to “Traffic Masters Show” LIVE on Blog Talk Radio on Tuesdays at Noon Eastern.  Or, you can listen to over 6 years of shows in the “Traffic Masters Podcast” on iTunes!

Their mission at Directions University is to touch the life of every person on the planet by assisting entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact while gaining more abundance and prosperity.  This means showing entrepreneurs how to: get more customers; how to more meaningfully touch the lives of their customers; and to help them to use Social Entrepreneurship so that they can “Make Money! Change the World!”

Traffic Masters helps you get more TRAFFIC, ENGAGE your visitors, and improve CONVERSIONS so you can build a bigger business that makes a larger impact and lets you live the life of your dreams!

Each week, guests share their secrets for getting traffic, engaging visitors, and improving conversions. Past guests include:

  • Social Media Expert & Mutli Best Selling Author, Joel Comm;
  • New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Social Branding Consultant, Simon Mainwaring (author of “We First: How Brands & Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World);
  • Founder of Mind Movies and Host of “WakeUp! TV”, Natalie Ledwell;
  • Book Marketing Experts John Kremer and Robert Evans;
  • #1 bestselling author, Mark Joyner;
  • Human Media Experts, Chris Brogan and Sarah Hill;
  • John Milton Fogg, Founder of The Greatest Networker In The World;
  • Facebook Experts, Amy Porterfield; and Claire Pelletreau;
  • Podcasting Experts, Scott Smith and Scott Paton;
  • Conversion Master, Tom Bell;
  • Plus many others.

Hear from experts who help you Engage, Attract, and Convert Prospects into Customers and Evangelists!

You’ll find the tools & training you need to apply what you learn from the show at Directions University!  The tools & training  allow you to grow a business that supports your lifestyle and the good you want to do in the world!  Get started now by downloading Directions University’s FREE “Amazing Traffic Vortex”. It shows you how to apply what you learn about on the show to YOUR business, step by step!