Primary Resources as We Evolve

Rita Strough and Michael GrossPrimary Resources. As we grow and evolve as Light Beings, one of the basic concepts to grasp and use on a regular basis is relying on your Spiritual Support Team and the Universe for all your needs. When we are children, our Primary Source is our parents, our caregivers.  They provide for our needs.  They help us learn necessary skills like walking, talking, eating on our own, even potty training!  So as Spiritual Beings, we must learn to “become like little children” and rely on our Support Team in Spirit to provide for us.  This is what Jesus was trying to help us understand in his teachings. Being a like a little child does not mean we are helpless, but rather we are like little sponges, soaking up knowledge, modeling behavior we see in adults, growing into self-sufficient adults.  It’s the same with your spiritual growth and development.

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