Spirit Twins Squared!

Ciracle-Radio-Team-300x225Join Sharon and Jim for Healing Mirror Holders Radio as we welcome Rod Feigle and Barb Fulton for this “spirit twins squared” show. Two sets of spirit twins – although apparently very different in nature. But are we? And if so, why? Come explore with us.

Those who know something of spirit twins know they almost never appear together in the physical world. Often one is in the physical realm and the other in the spirit realm supporting from there. Or they are separated by great distances on the globe or differences in their minds, bodies or spirits. So why are those needed now ‘finding’ each other and connecting in the physical realm? Even when some of us just wanted to be left alone with our life and journey? How do they ‘know each other’ so certainly and how is it they can recognize other spirit twins when they cross paths? How are others close to us responding to the connections we all have in this time of relation-shifts?

We don’t begin to have all the answers, but we are aware of some of the questions. And we are certain you listeners will have even more questions. Sharon and I have shared a great deal about our connection and Rod and Barb will share about theirs. And we will share together.

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