Learn of NEW technology to raise your frequency

dr-leslieHolistic Living and Wave of Fire
Learn of NEW technology to raise your frequency… to match the frequency of your intentions. Holistic Living: – “Can my energetic frequency be raised just by rubbing something into my skin??”

Join Dr Leslie as she and Biljana Knaap explore what nano technology has to offer towards changing your frequency through the physical body – bring light into your being through the skin, and unwind the appearances of 3D time on your face and body as it is infused with light. Biljana, Creator of Natures Science Natural Health System, has a scientific background with degrees ranging from Graduate Pharmacist (School of Medicine, Dept of Pharmacy), Naturopath and Herbalist, to Vibrational Medicine. “After 22 years of research, formal education and clinical work I can truly say that a real understanding of the human body comes from observing the Laws of Nature at work and from listening to the Higher Intelligence of Creation.” Says Biljana. Learn what Biljaana has discovered and what new technologies make available to add to your holistic health toolbox.

Wave of FIRE – Raising frequency through sound…
Angelic tongues, Light Language, Glossolalia – Gift of the Holy Spirit: is it for you? What does it do? Explore the effects of this mysterious sound experience on the Body, Mind and Spirit.
Plus…a sound transmission Judy Satori to lift and enlighten you on all levels of your being.

Dr. Leslie Wells is a host with the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.

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  1. Great info, Dr. Yury Kronn of Vital Force Technology has done extensive research regarding Vibrational Medicine: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/09/prweb12141728.htm