Change Your Mind, Change Your World: Affirmations

One powerful, reality-shaping method we can invoke at any time is affirmation.

Now, we’re not talking about going all Stuart Smalley and massaging your ego with corny clichés. While affirmations are a kind of positive self-talk, they’re much more than that.

They’re a tool for reprogramming the mind and establishing new beliefs that support your personal evolution and growth through both good and challenging times.

Many of us have blind spots when it comes to our negative thoughts, which is why many find it useful to work with a qualified therapist or coach. Identifying them can be an incredibly powerful act. But picking at old psychic wounds prevents healing, and neuroscience confirms this old, intuitive wisdom: Ruminating over those wounds only deepens the grooves in the brain associated with that story.

With focused intention, we can create new, better stories that help us change and grow and thrive. Robbed of their “juice,” old thoughts literally atrophy because they’ve been replaced.

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