Stephen Lewis, author of Sanctuary

Sheryl GlickStephen Lewis, author of Sanctuary- The Path to Consciousness. Stephen has dedicated his life to the discovery of energetic possibilities (EMC 2 – the Aim Program) in the development of human consciousness and well-being. As Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote in his endorsement for Sanctuary, “Everything is energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency. Those frequencies that are out of balance with our natural harmony can be identified and can be removed showing wonderful results. It is a giant step into the inevitable future where each of us is our own totally enlightened healer. I have found that in my higher self and so can you.” Stephen, Sheryl, and many healers are exploring energy healing modalities as a way to health, empowerment, and human evolution and are working towards a new reality in the medical field where alternative energy treatments are combined with western medical treatments. 

Sheryl Glick is a host with Dreamvisions 7 Radio, and can be heard weekly on their live programs and in archives on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network website.

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