Held By The Hand of God-Why Am I Alive

Sheryl GlickJoe Laws author of Held By The Hand of God-Why Am I Alive who had two near death experiences shares his remarkable story of communication with Spirit or God and why he feels he was not allow to die.
Sheryl shares with our listeners that her personal mission is to share with the public what she discovered about 20 years ago as a result of a visitation from her grandfather who told her to write something for her father who then preceded to die the next day. Sheryl was quite ill with the flu, which perhaps allowed her energy to connect to her grandfather’s soul, much like a near death experience. Of course Sheryl wrote her dad’s eulogy but after that, as a reluctant skeptic, Sheryl searched for answers to explain this event. www.heldbythehandofgod.com/

Sheryl Glick is a host with Dreamvisions 7 Radio, and can be heard weekly on their live programs and in archives on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network website.

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