V for Vitality


The Secrets of 3 Inspirational Leaders. Have you ever noticed that there are grumpy people in the world? Wouldn’t the world be better with more laughter? Dr. Margarita Gurri aka the Red Shoe Woman, talks about life and the advantages of having a sense of humor, a positive mind-set, and demonstrates many of her key communication skills, describing how life can be better for us all. This is followed by a discussion between our next guests, Dr. Andrea Goeglein aka Dr. Success and Dr. Joyce Shaffer, both of  whom have a lot to say about exercise of the mind and body to help sustain a longer, and happier existence.

About Susan Brender

Susan Brender has 20 years experience as a television producer with diversified broadcasting experience in the Political, Entertainment, Legal, and Business arenas. She is the recipient of the ACE Award for (Best Program in an Educational Series): Teenagers: Drinking and Driving “A Killer.”

As a producer on CNBC, The Charles Grodin Show, Susan was the driving force behind a critically acclaimed series that examined the inequities in the justice system. Her other network cable producing experience includes Pozner/Donahue, and Gerry Spence Shows. At MSNBC, Susan lent her producing expertise to a variety of talk programming with leading newsmakers. She also produced business news segments for the top-rated, nationally syndicated business news program, The Wall Street Journal Report.

In the field of documentary film, Susan worked with the accomplished independent documentary makers, DA Pennebaker and Chris Hegeduson a project about the youngest person on death row.

Susan became involved in the “Dot.Com” world in 2001 where she became Vice- President and Director of the Women’s Channel for Stellar Networks, a Seattle based Company. Today Susan’s interests lie in the Arts and Health arena. She is currently working in communications and development for non-profits dedicated to arts and education and arts and health.

Susan is also the Host of V for Vitality on WomensRadio. V for Vitality features interviews with artists discussing how the arts play a vital role in maintaining youth and vitality. This show will discuss the fundamental importance of the arts in the mind-body-spirit relationship as a health strategy.