V for Vitality

Individuals with Autism Grow Delicious Organic Veggies. Meet Wendy Kaplan and Alethea Vasilas, two amazing women with a dedication to helping people with Autism. On this episode of V4Vitality, Susan interviews Wendy,  mother of Rachel Kaplan, a 28 year old woman who has autism,and Althea, SustainAbility’s Farm Manager. Both women have worked together to establish SustainAbility Services Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with autism and other developmental disabilities. As a result of their efforts, the SustainAbility Farm Project at Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park on Long Island, NY has come to fruition; where over thirty individuals with autism and their direct support staff are working together to grow delicious organic vegetables.
About Susan Brender

Susan Brender has 20 years experience as a television producer with diversified broadcasting experience in the Political, Entertainment, Legal, and Business arenas. She is the recipient of the ACE Award for (Best Program in an Educational Series): Teenagers: Drinking and Driving “A Killer.”

As a producer on CNBC, The Charles Grodin Show, Susan was the driving force behind a critically acclaimed series that examined the inequities in the justice system. Her other network cable producing experience includes Pozner/Donahue, and Gerry Spence Shows. At MSNBC, Susan lent her producing expertise to a variety of talk programming with leading newsmakers. She also produced business news segments for the top-rated, nationally syndicated business news program, The Wall Street Journal Report.

In the field of documentary film, Susan worked with the accomplished independent documentary makers, DA Pennebaker and Chris Hegeduson a project about the youngest person on death row.

Susan became involved in the “Dot.Com” world in 2001 where she became Vice- President and Director of the Women’s Channel for Stellar Networks, a Seattle based Company. Today Susan’s interests lie in the Arts and Health arena. She is currently working in communications and development for non-profits dedicated to arts and education and arts and health.

Susan is also the Host of V for Vitality on WomensRadio. V for Vitality features interviews with artists discussing how the arts play a vital role in maintaining youth and vitality. This show will discuss the fundamental importance of the arts in the mind-body-spirit relationship as a health strategy.