Three Steps to Keeping Momentum Alive


Having a vision is so important in business because it helps us know what we want and at a very deep level, know why we want it.  However, what does it take to achieve that vision? What does it take to keep the momentum alive?

This audio recording tells you precisely how to achieve your vision without getting overwhelmed or distracted in the process.  Here are the basic steps.

1)    Think and envision your goals and desires.  Then, step back and connect very deeply to your motivators.  Go deeper than, “I want to make more money.”  Figure out your core WHY.  Why do you want to achieve this vision?

2)    Plan.  Create an action plan around how you’re going to get there.  Go further than just breaking down your big goal into smaller tasks. Calendarize your action plan.

3)    Act.  Just move and get the work done.  Let your action plan be your boss and guide you through the process.  Sooner than later, you’re going to find that you’ve finally achieved the vision or the goal that you’ve set out for yourself.

The recording is about 14 minutes long and is chock-full of content so please listen with a notebook and pen.  If you have any questions at all, always know that you can reach me, Janet Johnson, your Focused Business Plan Mentor, at




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