Inside Out LIVE!: Magic Castle Founder, Milt Larsen & Turn Her Passion

This week on “Inside Out LIVE! with Traci S. Campbell”: Meet Milt Larsen, the founder of The Magic Castle ( This Hollywood landmark and institution has a rich history and has active members such as actors, Johnny Depp (“Pirates of the Carribean”, “Edward Scissorhands”, and “Sleepy Hollow”) and Neil Patrick Harris (“Doogie Howser, MD” and “How I Met Your Mother”). Learn about how the love of magic was a legacy that was passed down to Milt and how he used it now bring happiness and joy to many.

Also, in our Beauty In/Beauty Out segment, meet make-up artist Amanda Kovach. Learn how her own challenge with a prominent birthmark lead to her mission to help other women (especially women of color), find the RIGHT make-up and techniques to feel better about themselves.

And, Amber Turner will tell us all about her passion for mentorship and how that passion formed the basis for her organization, Turn Her Passion ( ), in our Community Family segment.

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