Inside Out LIVE: Dee Adio-Moses, Marc Harvey, & A Feather In the Wind

This week on “Inside Out LIVE! with Traci S. Campbell”, we are going to get some good old-fashioned spiritual “preaching” to shape up our minds and attitudes from life coach and Pastor, Dr. Dee Adio-Moses. Find out why “You Are Enough” and get busy living the life you are entitled to live.

Also, Parish M. Blair discusses Fashion Week and introduces us to Marc Harvey, fashion guru, expert in hair and makeup, fashion marketing, and model development. He shares how he continued to push forward in the very competitive fashion industry and make a place for his talents to shine, even when up against major competition and adversities.

And meet Monica Langowski of “A Feather In The Wind”, a organization that helps cancer patients and their families with needed resources and support.

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