The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection

Dorinne Davis is the founder/president of The Davis Center,
Succasunna, NJ.                                                                                     
She has authored 5 books including her latest,
The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link,
with numerous chapters in other books, created
The Davis Model of Sound Intervention”, and developed the
Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP®).
She has identified a previously unidentified subtle energy system in the body called
The Voice-Ear-Brain Connection and works to balance others by repatterning this system.
She has helped people of all ages with all issues, but most recently has helped those on the
autistic spectrum and women with wellness imbalances.          The Davis Center

About Claire Power Murphy, HonDL

Claire Power Murphy, HonDL  U.S.A. Humanitarian Ambassador
Sole Proprietor: CPM Publications LLC

Claire is the author of  The Restoration Trilogy which consists of multi award-winning semi-autobiographical Preserved to ServeTowards the 144,000 and
The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes. Her latestest book is most timely: Preparation for the End: Moral and Natural Law.
She is a featured author in both Health and Wellness and Spirituality on Authors Den (the #1 site for books and authors on the net!)

Claire’s many endorsements, awards and associations may be viewed here:

Claire has been a Top Host at WomensRadio. Improve Every Year leads out in reform measures desperately needed to counteract both the healthcare and education crises. Listeners will be led to see a brighter future, beyond cure, where both they and institutions will Improve Every Year!