Are You Painting Space …

Sharon Riegie Maynard shares a new mission for Weaving the World. Weaving the World Media is showcasing the diverse voices of women who are designing the new world and the men who are supporting the design for what they truly are. They are the many strands of One Voice. The Voice that says do Good for All Life.

Recognize the Bigger Picture, the Greater Movement and Realize that Your Opportunity to Participate is Monumental!

Woman, All Sisters, Remember?

by the artist, Jane Evershed
Act like you already
Manage a nation,
Summon your purpose
With your heart’s conviction
And take your station.
You are being nudged
By earth-necessity
To resurrect humanity
And mold it
With your hands
Gentle and strong
Into a sculpture of sanity.
Come on.
You can no longer carry
The rage, fury and weep
Of fire, storm and flood,
The seeping of shed blood,
You have been
Missing In Action,
Lured way off track,
By instigated distraction.
Hurl your” lesser than”
All the way back
To Minoan Crete
Risk your life,
Gather a clan.
Take the reigns
Take to the street.
There is global warming
And war to defeat.
And a host of heinous crimes
Which render woman as meat,
To tenderize, to use, to enter,
To traffick, stone and burn,
When will we learn?
Woman, all sisters
Remember your power
It is for earth healing
That we yearn.

What Can You Do?
Suggestion: Listen to the many voices. Instead of being overwhelmed, notice where you are inspired to participate. And then, “just do it!”

Thanks to Kari Hillery for her marvelous music! One World Kari’s website
And thanks to you for being in the audience. Without you, Weaving the World would not exist!

About Sharon Riegie Maynard

Sharon Riegie Maynard, a radical researcher whose questions lead her to a unique view on the world and the role and men and women can play. She has raised 9 children, works in the unseen realms to impact our physical world with the TAG Matrix system, loves nature, music, art and reading great mystery novels.

Sharon is also the Host of Weaving the World and founderf Weaving the World Media. Weaving the World  shifts its focus to A Mystic’s View speaking the truth about our adventure, purpose, and mission. WTW has showcased women,  the Voices of the New World. Sleeping women have awakened and mountains are being moved to allow space for a new culture based on the values Mothers/Women hold sacred. Now, A Mystic’s View will show the foundation that has been buried for too long. It is the story within which we will manifest the world as we had Divinely intended.