Edith Namm – Anger, the Bully and a Positive Mindset

edith namm Edith Namm is on a mission to change the world one smile at a time. The former school counselor and educator speaks about the contagion of bullying and how to avoid retaliating anger with her “write, read and say” way. It includes daily journaling to release toxic, negative thinking and build a strong positive belief system. Her book, Change to a Positive Mindset, includes an eleven step program to positively energize your brain and body.

More about Edith:

She has been a Certified Specialized Handwriting Analyst for over 20 years and has 25 years of experience as a Guidance Counselor with the New York City Board of Education. In 1986 Edith was honored as “The Outstanding Guidance Counselor” in District 21, Brooklyn. Her books and writings are available at www.Share-a-smile-ambassadors.com or www.ENamm.com

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